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They were the soldiers who belonged to the 60th and 63rd Battalions of the Janissary corps. They joined the janissary corps in the period of Yildirim Bayezid (1389 - 1402). They were assigned with the law code of Fatih to provide close protection to the sultans in the imperial ceremonies. As they were using their lelt hands instead of right hands they were called as left - handed (solak). They walked on the right side of the sultan's horse and used their left hands when using arrow and bow in order to avoid any disrespectfulness.
While the sultan toured, solak soldiers had to walk in front of and near the Sultan in a manner that their arrows and bows were drawn. in the war, 12 highest ranked solak sordiers held the halter of the sultan's horse and the remaining 400 solak soldiers established a circle around the sultan. During war, another task of the solak soldiers was to keep everybody away from the sultan, even his private servants such as sword bearers and footmen.
The solak soldiers carried their weapons when they went out of the palace together with the sultan. However, in 1492, after an assassination attempt to the Sultan Bayezid ii, they began to carry weapon also within the palace.
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