Kanuni Ewer

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Width 18.00 cm
Lenght 27.00 cm
Height 42,00 cm
Weight 1.90 Kg (4,19 Lbs )
Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, also known as ‘Suleiman the Magnificent’ in Europe, is the 10th sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He won numerous victories in the most glorious period of the Ottoman Empire with his campaigns in Asia and Europe and with the innovations he brought in art and science. He was nicknamed ‘Kanuni (Lawgiver)’ for he, as a sultan, attached considerable importance to justice. He was intelligent and talented. Also, jewelry in palace workshops reached the top during his reign, since he was a very good goldsmith. This product was created by reinterpreting the patterns on a gold-plated club which was made by him in the 17th century for foreign ambassadors to see the magnificence of the Ottoman Empire and is now in the Topkapı Palace.
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