Mertebani Ewer

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Width 17.00 cm
Lenght 24.00 cm
Height 35,00 cm
Weight 1.90 Kg (4,19 Lbs )
In the archives and documents from 15th to 19th century, which are now in the Topkapı Palace, there are kitchen utensils used in the palace and presented to the palace back then in the Ottoman Empire. China and Austria porcelains, flasks for rose water, censers, pitchers, and basins draw the attention among these utensils. These porcelain inventories in the Topkapı Palace are called mertebani (celadon). Mertebani, meaning celadon color, is a name given to China and Austria porcelains in Topkapı Palace. This product was created by interpreting the patterns on Austrian-made porcelain pitcher and basins in the porcelain collection of Topkapı Palace.
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