Bab-i Alem Ewer with Plate

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Width 30.00 cm
Lenght 30.00 cm
Height 36,00 cm
Weight 1.90 Kg (4,19 Lbs )
In the Ottoman culture, finials were put on the tops of the flags and they always had an inscription and ornament. Kelime-i tevhid or conquest and victory ayahs were written on them. There used to be a section under some flags and small Qurans called ‘Flag Quran’ were put here. These flags were used in battles or in ceremonies held before battles. Bab-ı alem means the door of the universe or the door for reaching God (the door that everyone enters and exits). These flags were always placed in the conquered gates and ramparts. This product was created by interpreting the patterns on the metalwork flag finial in the 16th century Ottoman Topkapı Palace and from the period when the Safavids were under the sovereignty of the Ottomans.
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