Balkan Rug - Moldov Kilim

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Width 112.00 cm (3,67 Feet)
Lenght 212.00 cm (6,96 Feet)
Weight 3.10 Kg (6,83 Lbs )
Age Semi old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Rectangular
Layout All over
Pattern Curvilinear
Size Medium
Rugs are generally classified by their country or region of origin.Balkan Kilims come from Southeast Europe, an area that by 1500 belonged to the Ottoman Empire. Some historians believe kilims were actually invented in the Balkans and Middle East. Traditional Balkan rugs show Islamic influences as well as nomadic tribal traits. This category includes Moldavian, Sharkoy, Manastir, and Gocmen Kilims. To learn more about kilims, see our 'http://
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