• Persian Rug - Bijar Carpet-
  • Persian Rug - Bijar Carpet-
  • Persian Rug - Bijar Carpet-
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Persian Rug - Bijar Carpet

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Width 120.00 cm (3,94 Feet)
Lenght 244.00 cm (8,01 Feet)
Weight 10.10 Kg (22,27 Lbs )
Age Semi old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on cotton
Shape Runner
Size Medium
Bijjar rugs and carpets have long had a mystique that makes them a "man's rug". Called the Iron rug of Persia they have an odd feature that few other rugs can match. The densely packed pile is so tight that the pile cannot lay down. Because the fibers are constantly erect when you step on the rug it has a cushioned feel that makes it great to walk upon. For the large segment of the market for whom tactile qualities are important this is a compelling feature even if barely one in one thousand could ever explain why. In between Iranian City and the less sophisticated village and tribal rugs are the rugs of Bijar.
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