• Persian Rug - Ferehan Carpet-
  • Persian Rug - Ferehan Carpet-
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Persian Rug - Ferehan Carpet

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Width 91.00 cm (2,99 Feet)
Lenght 486.00 cm (15,94 Feet)
Weight 15.30 Kg (33,73 Lbs )
Age Semi old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on cotton
Shape Runner
Size Medium
Ferahan carpets were a very esthetic. They drew upon a sophisticated design repertoire without the formality of a city workshop carpet. Technically there are a well made carpet and as a rule the dyes were very good. Ferahan rugs often used a very attractive copper green called celadon after the Chinese pottery. It would turn brittle over timeand wear away leaving a sculpted look.
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