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Mamluk Carpet

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Width 120.00 cm (3,94 Feet)
Lenght 184.00 cm (6,04 Feet)
Weight 4.10 Kg (9,04 Lbs )
Age New
Condition Fine
Material Wool on cotton
Shape Rectangular
Layout Medallion
Pattern Geometric
Size Small
Mamluk carpets are considered by many to be among the most beautiful rugs ever created. Their brilliant reds, greens, and blues are reminiscent of rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Simply by virtue of the fact that they date from the late 15th century, Mamluk rugs comprise one of the most significant groups of early classical carpets. Their lustrous wool and glorious colour, as well as their complex geometric designs and careful execution, are among the characteristics of a group that is cohesive in terms of design, structure, materials, colour and layout. Yet this is also a genre for which many questions remain unanswered. The emergence of this unique group rests upon no known development of rug-weaving traditions. Nor is the influence of the three colour (blue, red, green) geometric patterns of Mamluk rugs felt in later traditions, although Cairene Ottoman carpets made immediately after the Ottoman conquest of Egypt in 1517 share technical characteristics, while reflecting newly emergent Ottoman floral styles.
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