• Central Asian Rug - Bokhara Carpet-
  • Central Asian Rug - Bokhara Carpet-
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Central Asian Rug - Bokhara Carpet

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Width 213.00 cm (6,99 Feet)
Lenght 285.00 cm (9,35 Feet)
Weight 20.90 Kg (46,08 Lbs )
Age Semi old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Rectangular
Size Large
A well - known city in Uzbekistan - central Asia and popular for being a collection point for Turcoman tribal carpets. Bokhara rugs are generaly referred to any rugs which have a design derived from the motif of the Turcoman. The Bokhara patterns, produced in the central Asian nation of Turkistan, are traditionally a deep shade of red with a repeating pattern of polygons, colors are in dark blue, black or brown with white accents.
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