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Turkish Rug - Cicim Kilim

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Width 110.00 cm (3,61 Feet)
Lenght 146.00 cm (4,79 Feet)
Weight 2.40 Kg (5,29 Lbs )
Style Anatolia
Age Old
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Rectangular
Layout All-over
Pattern Geometric
Size Small
Beautiful flatweavings such as this one, made by the tribal women of Anatolia, are highly appreciated by collectors and have rightly earned a place in history for the anonymous women who made them. Named after the village or region of its origin, this rug is from 60 to 90 years old, and was probably made as a traditional dowry piece. The fine condition of the rug is testimony to its value: the tribespeople who owned it took pains to safeguard it from wear and weather. Increasingly rare (as the nomadic lifestyle becomes extinct), fine antique kilims are more than floor coverings or dry museum pieces; each one is a window into another culture and time.
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