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Ushak Kilim Rug

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Width 203.00 cm (6,66 Feet)
Lenght 268.00 cm (8,79 Feet)
Weight 5.40 Kg (11,90 Lbs )
Style Anatolia
Age New
Condition Fine
Material Wool on wool
Shape Rectangular
Pattern Geometric
Size Large
Kilims woven in the Ushak and Denizli areas are known for a special design: pairs of hand or comb motifs facing the center of the rug. This design originates from Bergama (western Turkey), where stand the ruins of ancient Pergamum--an urban center in the Trojan era. Since kilim motifs are passed from generation to generation, it is possible that Ushak designs date to the time of Troy. Consider these rugs an echo of ancient history!
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